What's Your Home Worth Now?

Will our lives change moving forward after Covid-19…..Maybe.  Thinking of a Life Change? Is moving part of that plan?  It’s important to have ALL the answers to the puzzle.  Part 1 is know the market your in. Part 2  Protect your 💰 investment  and know Price and Value of your property. There is a difference.  We’ll provide you with the fact so you can make the best decisions moving forward.  

Know the Difference Between Price and Value Driven Approach

In order to make great decisions you need all the facts.  We will also send you a 3 year live market trends so you know the Market Your In!

✅ Includes Price Driven Approach (Home’s sold in the area similar to yours)

✅ It’s important to know the market your in.  So we will also sent you the live 3 year market trend based on your location and price range.

✅ For a more accurate report. Provide us with the details. We will send you a  form via email.  You can include pictures and details.  Please provide if the kitchen, bath etc. are original.  If you’ve remodeled, GREAT! Send the details. Don’t forget to add any additions or finished basement.  We’ll provide you with a Value Driven Approach ( How Appraiser make adjustments)