Don't muddle through the home buying process!

We’ve updated the Guide to include all new data during the Covid-16 Pandemic. Request to see who really has the advantage. Buying a new home is a dream for all of us.  It’s an emotional and stressful process.  It also involves the biggest financial transaction you probably will make in your lifetime.  Your home buyers guide will let you buy your dream home with confidence and save thousands in the process. We will also send you the “Buying Guide” as well. 

📘 Myth: You Need 20% Down…You Don’t 👍

📘Solutions for What’s Holding You Back

📘 Learn how to Save Thousands and make lenders compete to give you the best rate and lowest down payment. 

📘 How Mortgage Rates increase or decrease Your Purchasing Power 

📘 Why Pre-Approval is the MOST Important 1st Step, & you don’t need perfect credit.

📘Things to Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage

📘 Regardless of the Price, You’re going to Need Advise

📘 The Power of Having the right Real Estate Professional on Your Side. 

📘  Ready to Make and Offer? Four Tips to Success 

📘 5 Buying Tips when purchasing a home.  Know your negotiations Power. 

📘 5 Buying Tips when purchasing a home and your negotiation power. 

📘 Know your agent and how they think.  Do some homework

Things to Consider When Buying a Home

We have packed this e-Guide with Myth Busters, & solutions.  Get strategies from seller negotiations to saving thousands with your lender. We’ll also send you the e-Buying Guide as well. 👍