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Find out how you can strengthen your negotiation power and spend less.  Buying a new home is a dream for all of us.  It’s an emotional and stressful process.  It also involves the biggest financial transaction you probably will make in your lifetime.  Your home buyers guide will let you buy your Ideal Home with confidence, and save thousands in the process. Get your Guide and find out HOW!! 

What’s in your Summer Buying Guide 2021?

📘 Your 🔑 to 🏡 Buying Success

📘Know the Market You’re InPrice vs Value-Driven Approach 

📘 Learn how to Save Thousands and make lenders compete to give you the best rate and lowest down payment. 

📘 How Mortgage Rates increase or decrease Your Purchasing Power 

📘 Why Pre-Approval is the MOST Important 1st Step

📘Things to Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage

📘 Regardless of the Price, You’re going to Need to Advise

📘 Take the time & research your agent…read what they write

📘  Ready to Make an Offer? Four Tips to Success 

📘 5 Buying Tips ~  Know your negotiation Power. 

📘 The Do’s and Don’ts once you’re Approved for your Loan.

📘 Know your agent and how they think.  Do some homework

Don’t Miss Out on the Perfect Home.  We will design your custom home search based on the criteria that fit your needs. Don’t get lost in the shuffle of home that won’t work and miss out on the one.

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