What's in your Fall Home Selling Guide

I’ve provided a quick video on some of the topics you’ll find in your home selling guide.  I’ve broken down several topics, from how to separate your home from the competition to real estate market trends. I break down helpful selling strategies so you are guaranteed top dollar for your home, including high-tech digital marketing. 

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What You Need to Know Before You Sell

The biggest problem we have in real estate is an exposure problem. Meaning, every home for sale is on the internet, and even some are no longer available. Unfortunately, they are all mixed together and throwing off pricing algorithms.  You can only compete on those platforms based on Price, not Value, and the home estimates hurt more than they help. 

What you need is…Influence. It’s time to market your Home’s Value with features and benefits in a story that brings emotion to why your home is the right one for them. No two homes are alike, and if you want more money, you need to stop advertising that way on public platforms. Would you like to 👀 at some new techniques and high-tech marketing ideas?  I can help with that, seeing I’m a Web Developer and Certified Social Media Advertiser.  Download your E-book and separate yourself from the competition. 🤩

Keep in mind…MORE Influence = MORE. 💰

Expert insights on the Housing Market

✅ High Equity and Low-Interest Rates are on your side

✅ Tips to Sell Your Home for More 💰

How to Prepare Your House for a Winning Sale

✅ How to Separate Your Home from your competition 

✅ How to Increase Influence for MORE 💰

✅ Learn the benefits of High Tech Digital Marketing

✅ 🛑 Depending on Exposure (Internet) to Sell Your Home ~ Start targeting Buyers directly❗

Do You Know The Value Of Your Home?

Would you like to find out?  Tell me about your home and I can provide you with 2 different reports.  1. Price Drive Approach and 2. Value Driven Approach.  Yes, there is a difference.  Value Driven it looking at your property through the eyes of an appraiser.  Update and Condtion does make a difference regarding Value.

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